ASP.NET MVC 3 Released

On Thursday ASP.NET MVC 3 was released.  This was certainly not an unexpected event – the community previews have been available since around July last year, so many of the features have been discussed for quite a while.

I usually try to be quite involved with these kind of previews, but for some reason I didn’t really manage to do so for MVC 3.  So over the next few posts I’m going to explore some of the new features of MVC 3.  For each feature I will try to show how it’s used, discuss how we would have done the example in MVC 2 and also link to more reading material.


You can download and install ASP.NET MVC 3 here.  The install also seems to package a hotfix for Visual Studio so it takes a couple of minutes. 


Interestingly enough Windows XP is not listed as a supported Operating System.


I will update this list as I post about them.

Happy coding.