TLDR Pages

I colleague recently introduced me to tldr-pages, a community-driven and greatly simplified collection of man pages.

While man pages can be very useful I often just need a simple example of how to use a unix tool. For example, for some reason I always get confused by the syntax for find since it’s so different to grep (which I use all the time).

Here is the first explained option in man find.

The find utility recursively descends the directory tree for each path listed, evaluating an expression (composed of the ‘‘primaries’’ and ‘‘operands’’ listed below) in terms of each file in the tree.

The options are as follows:

-E Interpret regular expressions followed by -regex and -iregex primaries as extended (modern) regular expressions rather than basic regular expressions (BRE’s). The re_format(7) manual page fully describes both formats.

Here is first explained option in tldr find.

Find files under the given directory tree, recursively.

Find files by extension:
- find root_path -name ‘*.ext’

You can install it with homebrew. brew install tldr