RailsConf 2012

This week I was lucky enough to be able to attend RailsConf in Austin, Texas. As far as I know this is the biggest Rails conference in the world and it was really exciting to see all the big names in the Rails community.

The conference took place over 3 days with various keynotes and 3 different tracks as well as numerous smaller sessions. As you would expect from a conference of this status all the speakers set a very high standard and all the keynotes were very thought-provoking. I really enjoyed all the session I attended – from the opening keynote by DHH to the lightning talks on the last day.

Some of my highlights were the opening keynote, as well as the sessions by Steve Klabnik and Yehuda Katz. Steve is very well-known for his work on Hypermedia APIs (which was also the topic of his session). Yehuda Katz presented a very thought-provoking session on the future of Rails.

I would definitely recommend the conference to any Rails developer – it’s a great way to open your eyes to the different technologies around Rails as well as get to meet other developers.

Overall I think the conference was a massive success and I would recommend it to any developer. Austin was the (awesome) venue which meant I also got to sample some of the local food and enjoy some of the local attractions – what could be better?